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Firming Neck Cream Made With Marine Collagen, Elastin and Vitamin E - 1 Ounce

$ 30.95

When it comes to anti-aging products, there’s an endless supply of serums and lotions designed specifically for the face. But what about your neck? With continual movement and thicker skin, your neck is prone to hard-to- treat wrinkles and sagging.

Dip into the Fountain of Youth with Elegance Neck Cream by Vitality26! Rich and creamy, our formula features effective ingredients like Marine Elastin and Rose Hips Oil. Together, they help restructure and strengthen tissue, combating that notorious sagging skin. Your neck will appear firmer and more youthful while feeling soft to the touch!

But what about deep-set wrinkles and fine lines? We added the hydrating powers of Jojoba Oil and Marine Collagen to the mix! They work to smooth and plump the skin for a neck that defies the laws of aging. Finished with restorative ingredients like Ginseng Extract and Vitamin E, our formula delivers a dose of antioxidants that protect against future damage.

With our Elegance Neck Cream, we wanted to create a safe, effective product that provides real results! Made in France, our success is thanks to a special blend of natural, quality ingredients. Not only are they safe for all users, but they also treat you to some in-home pampering.

Why Choose Our Neck Cream?

- Tightens sagging skin
- Reduces appearance of fine lines
- Softens skin
- Preventative protection
- Made with natural ingredients 

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